With Better

Making it right.

Every business is a customer service business, no matter the product or service it is the people who care that make the greatest difference. That is especially true when we consider our environment, which is why Primary construction is moving towards becoming a more green construction company.

We are evolving to reflect a more sustainable construction approach to building that uses project management technology, eco friendly building materials and green manufacturing techniques to improve the way people build and live. We believe that these green building decisions will have many benefits for the environment, our company and our clients.

These benefits include minimizing of costs and increased value, time & resource savings, reduced number of rework and produces less waste. Let’s discuss how we can better serve you and our planet.

Green Steps

Moving in the right direction.

Primary Construction is committed to making smarter choices.

We have implemented the following Green Initiatives:

Getting Green

Drop us a line to discuss ideas on sustainability.