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We want our work to be the best. The best people, the best materials, the best projects, period. PRIMARY CONSTRUCTION takes great pride in providing to its clients a range of services that reflects our dedication to being the best.

PRIMARY CONSTRUCTION takes great pride in providing a wide range of services that reflects our dedication to giving our clients the best.

Complete Building Envelope

This specialized area of architectural design requires broad knowledge and experience in all aspects of exterior structural elements as well as interior functionality and climate. You can trust Primary Construction’s trained crews to handle any job regarding your property’s building envelope, including masonry, roofing, window and door, vents and rolling doors.

Tenant Improvement Services

Tenant improvement services include a wide range of trade and specialized projects for ICI upgrades. Our teams are able to bring first-hand experience and expertise to your project and provide you with a one-stop shop to take your new space from the drawing board to the finished, turn-key solution.

Retail Build-Outs

The skilled and experienced managers and trades at Primary Construction can prepare your space for retail conversion on time and on budget, giving you the satisfaction of opening for business in a fresh location with a minimum of hassle.

Base Building Services

The common areas of a commercial or industrial building require as much attention as the individual suites. From fire systems, elevators/escalators and public lobbies, those who arrive to visit tenants will gain a first impression of those tenants from the presentation of the building itself.

Construction and Project Management

Primary Construction’s managers bring a wealth of experience to every job. Let our managers handle the week-to-week management of your crew, ensuring full compliance to all safety and construction codes, and keeping the ball rolling to stay on-schedule and on-budget.

Design & Build

Finding the right people to bring your project to life is not always easy, and is often an exercise in trust. Trusting the professionals at Primary Construction is, however, less a matter of being “sold” than it is an appreciation of the facts; experienced, skilled, reputable, certified. With a great track record, we offer you the opportunity to relax and know that the job is being done right the first time, on time and on budget.

General Contracting

Indoor and outdoor masonry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, fire systems, elevators and escalators, lifts, freight docks, lighting, as well as specialized systems for studios, food preparation, presentation areas, offices, and telecommunications.

Maintenance & Service

Our wide range of trades and services guarantees that no matter the job, big or small, we can meet the needs of property owners and tenants alike. From structural repairs, electrical or industrial upgrades, or environmental certifications, Primary Construction is ready to take the hassles off your plate and deliver peace of mind.

Environmental Abatement

Abatement and Reinstatement of typical hazardous substances including mould and asbestos. Fully trained,certified and insured staff providing hands-on, in-house service.

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